2016 Theme: The Origin Story

Every year, the Student Ad Summit takes on a theme with a unique look and feel. Last year's theme was The Ultimate Expedition, inspired by the north woods of Minnesota. Other themes, to name just a few, have included space (The Final Frontier), the circus (The Greatest Gig on Earth), and secret agents. Yesterday was … Continue reading 2016 Theme: The Origin Story

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Speech

Most people will tell you that networking with professionals within the industry is necessary and rewarding, and they're not wrong. What they often leave out, though, is how difficult it can be to talk about yourself. How much is too much? What's really necessary? Am I being too brag-y?! Here are some tips for how to craft the … Continue reading How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Speech

Thank You Miami Ad School

On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit planning committee, its constituents and all attendees; we graciously thank Miami Ad School for their involvement and generosity as a GOLD sponsor! Take a look at what Miami Ad School has to offer! Miami Ad School prepares people for today's world of advertising. Taught by professionals and experts … Continue reading Thank You Miami Ad School

Our Opening Act

All of us on the Student Advertising Summit committee have been working very hard to make this year’s SAS the best yet! This year, we are excited to present a special pre-SAS networking event. The event, called “Our Opening Act,” will be held on January 29 at FRWD from 6-8pm. Both students and professionals are … Continue reading Our Opening Act

Networking Your Future

Building and maintaining your network is a key asset in building relationships and finding appealing careers. An easy way to start is to start with your family and friends. Make a list of parents, teachers, coaches, parents etc. Reach out to as many as you can and develop a list with their names, contact information, … Continue reading Networking Your Future

Networking 101

Mentoring and networking events have value in that they provide a learning and social opportunity. However the most important takeaways stem from the informational interviews, which can lead to internships or jobs.  We all know how hard it is to break away from your huddle of friends, but if you want to find an ‘in’ … Continue reading Networking 101

Top 10 Takeaways from #SAS 2012

My name is Felicia Johnson, and I am currently a senior in the SJMC advertising program at the University of Minnesota. (Go Gophers!) I wanted to take the time to share some key points that I noted from the Ad2 Student Advertising Summit this past weekend. Sit back, relax, and scroll at your leisure!  After a successful Friday of … Continue reading Top 10 Takeaways from #SAS 2012

Student Advertising Summit

As a graduating senior I thought I was behind in my networking and preparation for my future career, and The Student Advertising Summit allowed me to expand my network and develop my communication skills. The opportunity to connect with professionals was the most important part of the Summit. I was able to introduce myself to … Continue reading Student Advertising Summit