What to Wear & Bring to #SAS2018

You’ve secured your ticket for Student Advertising Summit and you might be wondering… now what? SAS  is right around the corner, and, trust me, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and organized in advance. Dress for the occasion! Comfortable business casual attire is recommended. SAS is an all-day networking event, so maybe skip that … Continue reading What to Wear & Bring to #SAS2018

6 Informational Interview Feels — As Told By Michelle Tanner

Whether you're an eager student or inspired professional, informational interviews have brought out the feels in all of us. Don't let these feels discourage you from doing them! The feels are normal and we all face them, so here are some feels you can expect and a few tips to tackle them—as told by America's … Continue reading 6 Informational Interview Feels — As Told By Michelle Tanner

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Speech

Most people will tell you that networking with professionals within the industry is necessary and rewarding, and they're not wrong. What they often leave out, though, is how difficult it can be to talk about yourself. How much is too much? What's really necessary? Am I being too brag-y?! Here are some tips for how to craft the … Continue reading How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Speech

Make This Year Count

Football season is upon us, Halloween decorations are on sale, and we've all got our eyes on those pumpkin spice lattes. Yep, it's fall again. Each new school year is a chance to prove yourself and improve yourself. I always like to take some time (before homework takes over my life) to evaluate which professional … Continue reading Make This Year Count

Thank you Colle+McVoy

On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit planning committee, its constituents and all attendees; we graciously thank Colle+McVoy for their involvement and generosity as a silver sponsor. See what Colle+McVoy has to offer: Colle+McVoy helps brands rebuild momentum and recapture the spirit that made them beloved in the first place. Being an agency with a 75+ … Continue reading Thank you Colle+McVoy