Ringmasters Advice

Last week we held our Opening Act event to kick off pre-registration, which is now open!  This week we give you the experience from our event by an attendee and SAS Committee Member, Elizabeth Nelson: As advertising students prepare for the grandest networking gig, (the Student Ad Summit of course) the Opening Act provided spectators … Continue reading Ringmasters Advice

Thank You FRWD Co.

On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit planning committee, its constituents and all attendees; we graciously thank FRWD Co. for their involvement and generosity as a GOLD sponsor! Take a look at what FRWD Co. has to offer! FRWD blends Strategy Consulting with agency execution teams, empowering clients and enabling greater results at scale to … Continue reading Thank You FRWD Co.

Our Opening Act

All of us on the Student Advertising Summit committee have been working very hard to make this year’s SAS the best yet! This year, we are excited to present a special pre-SAS networking event. The event, called “Our Opening Act,” will be held on January 29 at FRWD from 6-8pm. Both students and professionals are … Continue reading Our Opening Act