Networking Your Future

Building and maintaining your network is a key asset in building relationships and finding appealing careers. An easy way to start is to start with your family and friends. Make a list of parents, teachers, coaches, parents etc. Reach out to as many as you can and develop a list with their names, contact information, … Continue reading Networking Your Future

Social Media linked to your Personal Brand

It’s common knowledge that social media has been growing in popularity and use. As I write this post I’m also catching up on Twitter, messaging someone on Facebook, checking in at a coffee shop I sit in on Foursquare and posting a picture of my latte on Instagram. It’s become an integral part of our … Continue reading Social Media linked to your Personal Brand

The “new” Myspace?

If you haven't seen the promotional video yet, check out "The new myspace." Are you going to become a member to the new Justin Timberlake influenced Myspace? It makes sense why Justin, partial owner of Myspace, is in the launch video. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan, and he adds a great influential push, so I … Continue reading The “new” Myspace?

And last, but not least, The Directors of SAS

We would like to finally introduce to you our 2012-2013 Directors for the Student Advertising Summit, Alaura and Peter Krueger. From guiding each team in the right direction to keeping every idea on track, these two people are the ones that make all the magic happen. Alaura and Peter have been involved with SAS for the … Continue reading And last, but not least, The Directors of SAS

Facebook Contest! Win Big!!

There’s a double agent in our operation. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to follow the clues to locate this agent.  Intel shows our phones have been tapped and it’s only safe to communication via Facebook. “Share” the clue given on Facebook. For every 10 “shares,” the next clue to where the double agent … Continue reading Facebook Contest! Win Big!!