2016 Theme: The Origin Story

Every year, the Student Ad Summit takes on a theme with a unique look and feel. Last year's theme was The Ultimate Expedition, inspired by the north woods of Minnesota. Other themes, to name just a few, have included space (The Final Frontier), the circus (The Greatest Gig on Earth), and secret agents. Yesterday was … Continue reading 2016 Theme: The Origin Story

6 Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile since you signed up. Yes, it takes time, and, no, it’s not the most fun, but you’re just going to have to bite the bullet on this one. In today’s professional world, LinkedIn could make or break your chances of getting an interview for your … Continue reading 6 Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Time to Begin Introductions

Yes, that’s right, we are back in planning for our annual Student Advertising Summit, SAS, as you saw from our kick off meeting photos of our great planning team! This upcoming year our event will be on February 22, 2013, so mark your next year calendars! If this is your first time hearing about SAS, … Continue reading Time to Begin Introductions