Ringmasters Advice

Last week we held our Opening Act event to kick off pre-registration, which is now open!  This week we give you the experience from our event by an attendee and SAS Committee Member, Elizabeth Nelson: As advertising students prepare for the grandest networking gig, (the Student Ad Summit of course) the Opening Act provided spectators … Continue reading Ringmasters Advice

Can Advertising Make Positive Changes in Society?

As advertising students and professionals, we all have encountered people in our society who hate advertising and blame it for anything from violence, to over-consumerism, to obesity. But what is the power of advertising?  Can it make a positive change on these topics? As obesity has become a growing epidemic, and hot button topic, advertisers … Continue reading Can Advertising Make Positive Changes in Society?

Tips for Building a Successful Resumé

We’re already at the end of January, and the Student Ad Summit is coming up soon! Within SAS, there are plenty of other opportunities for those eager aspiring advertisers to get out there and network. A crucial tool in the process is having your resumé in tip-top shape. Through this post, I’ll go over some … Continue reading Tips for Building a Successful Resumé

2013 Upcoming Trends

Happy New Year from everyone at The Student Advertising Summit! It is not easy to predict trends for an industry that is always changing with the blink of an eye. You never know what is going to be in or out from the trend list by the time 2013 actually arrives.  Well now that 2013 … Continue reading 2013 Upcoming Trends

Networking Your Future

Building and maintaining your network is a key asset in building relationships and finding appealing careers. An easy way to start is to start with your family and friends. Make a list of parents, teachers, coaches, parents etc. Reach out to as many as you can and develop a list with their names, contact information, … Continue reading Networking Your Future

The Tech-User Types Marketers are Advertising to This Year

It’s the holiday season, which means holiday parties, tree decorating, caroling, and perhaps most importantly, gift giving (and gift receiving, of course!). Undoubtedly, a new smart phone, tablet, laptop, or other tech gadget will appear on many wish lists and shopping lists alike this year. The onslaught of new technology introduced this year offers an … Continue reading The Tech-User Types Marketers are Advertising to This Year

Networking 101

Mentoring and networking events have value in that they provide a learning and social opportunity. However the most important takeaways stem from the informational interviews, which can lead to internships or jobs.  We all know how hard it is to break away from your huddle of friends, but if you want to find an ‘in’ … Continue reading Networking 101

Managing The Christmas Creep

Thanksgiving is over, we all settled into our food comas and woke up early the next morning to bust the doors in at our favorite retailers. And with that, The Holiday Season has officially begun. But for many marketers, Christmas came early this year. In a movement that has not gone unnoticed by consumers, retailers … Continue reading Managing The Christmas Creep