ICF Olson: A 2018 Gold Sponsor

Thank you, ICF Olson, for being a 2018 Gold Sponsor! ICF Olson, an ICF International Company, is a forward-thinking, full-service advertising agency with offices globally including Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and more. With four distinct agencies groups – Olson (digital and advertising services), Olson Engage (PR and social media), Olson 1to1 (loyalty and CRM), … Continue reading ICF Olson: A 2018 Gold Sponsor

Holiday Networking Tips and Tricks

As the fresh cold air turns aromatic filled with candles, mulled wine, cinnamon and gingerbread scents, some of us have already made a checklist of what outfit to wear, what to prepare for the parties and what to ask Santa for this Christmas. This is a busy season we all know but adding a line … Continue reading Holiday Networking Tips and Tricks

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Speech

Most people will tell you that networking with professionals within the industry is necessary and rewarding, and they're not wrong. What they often leave out, though, is how difficult it can be to talk about yourself. How much is too much? What's really necessary? Am I being too brag-y?! Here are some tips for how to craft the … Continue reading How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Speech

Our Opening Act

All of us on the Student Advertising Summit committee have been working very hard to make this year’s SAS the best yet! This year, we are excited to present a special pre-SAS networking event. The event, called “Our Opening Act,” will be held on January 29 at FRWD from 6-8pm. Both students and professionals are … Continue reading Our Opening Act

My Time with SAS

It was so, so terrible…that I didn’t participate with the Student Advertising Summit committee sooner! My time with the SAS has been a variable bevy of experiences. I’ve met some great people, contributed in multiple areas and felt like part of a fantastic team. This was my third time attending the SAS.   I began … Continue reading My Time with SAS

Where Do I Start?

When I began my job search after graduating last may, I quickly found out that there was no manual to help me get started. Below are a few things that have really helped me in my search and are still useful to me today. Tap into your network. Hopefully you have networked by now and … Continue reading Where Do I Start?

Advertising Internship

My name is Steph Dentinger and I am a junior at the University of Minnesota. I am majoring in both Advertising and Communication Studies, and I am the Account Management and Event Planning Intern for the 2012 Student Advertising Summit. With less than a month to go before the Student Advertising Summit takes place, I … Continue reading Advertising Internship

In The Trenches: Advice For New Hires

As a recent college grad, I will honestly admit that no one quite prepared me for the big kid world of advertising. I am still learning all that advertising entails, but thought I would share the top tips I have for recent graduates/brand new hires that I have picked up on so far in my … Continue reading In The Trenches: Advice For New Hires