What’s Next for ICF Next?

Screenshot 2019-02-01 12.43.23.pngThank You ICF Next for being a Gold Sponsor!

Formerly known as ICF Olson, ICF Next is more than a marketing agency… they are an engagement and transformation partner. ICF Next is a 1,700+ community of creatives, communicators, strategists, technologists and data analysts committed to helping organizations meet barriers head-on. And to create lasting change that transforms and strengthens their clients over time. Their Minneapolis-based office is located in the North Loop area, but you can find the work they’ve done globally here.

What does being a changemaker mean?

At ICF Next, they look at what has happened and what is happening in the world to deliver beautifully-made results. In a world of complexity, they make change simple. In a world of distraction, they help organizations break through. From consumers to colleagues and from citizens to entire communities, they bring organizations closer to the people they serve.

The Work

ICF Next.jpgThey constantly study and work in five key areas:

  1. Creative engagement: Breakthrough ideas. Record-breaking results.
  2. Insight + Analytics: Unparalleled understanding of human awareness, motivation, and behavior.
  3. Loyalty + Customer Marketing: They bring clients closer to their customers.
  4. Strategy + Transformation: Reinvent the approach. Meet challenges head on.
  5. Technology + Channel Solutions: Optimizing every channel and experience.

They believe that change is a good thing, when done for the right reasons. Their employees are always looking for new ways to solve problems, ensuring their work has been successful for their clients, and that they have had a positive effect. They are constantly seeking out new ways to build brands around human behavior.

What is a product or service without it having some type of effect on the human experience? How can these things be harnessed for the good and meaningful actions of others? Their main goal is to find real value- sooner. Find out what we mean by taking a look at some of the work they’ve done here.

Career Opportunities

 ICF Next is currently looking for a Public Relations Intern to start in February, as well as interns for their Summer Internship program. They’ll also have an agency representative at SAS 2019!

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