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About Periscope

Periscope is the largest agency in Minneapolis, with nearly 400 employees based in their flagship location and an additional 100 employees throughout their offices in Delhi, Hong Kong and Chicago. Their mission, “Do Things People Love” extends not only to the work they do, but their agency culture—Periscopians are genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about the work they do and the team they do it with.

Their robust client list includes Trolli, Minnesota Lottery, Toro, Google, United Healthcare, and more. This list calls for a broad-width of capabilities on staff, ranging from strategy to experiential.

Megan Wicker, HR Manager at Periscope, offered us insight to life as a Periscopian, their hiring process, and their summer internship program.

Landing a Job at Periscope

The biggest takeaway from Wicker was for applicants to have and show genuine enthusiasm, passion and curiosity. “Enthusiasm is tangible—in writing answers to questions and preparedness in your application, the way you’ve proofread your cover letter and resume, and exhibiting an understanding of the role you’re applying for,” she says.

She adds how passion is contagious in the interview process. “Being a clear and accurate communicator is essential, but it’s equally important to exhibit your passion: for the role, for the learning experience, for the work, for the agency, for the industry — whatever really floats your boat about this position and makes you know you’re the perfect candidate.”

For students wanting to get into advertising, it’s important to be fully prepared, “Do your research. Visit and talk to as many people as possible in the advertising industry and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s not stupid—it’s a learning opportunity. Come into interviews having questions about the role.”

Another factor Periscope considers is how applicants showcase their individuality and what makes them unique, “It’s normal to be nervous during an interview, but don’t let that prohibit you from showing us who you are, rather than who you think we want you to be.” She notes that authenticity will help you land the role you want, work with people who appreciate you, support you, and will help you grow.

Periscopians_bikeCurrent Opportunities

Periscope is on the hunt for summer interns in account leadership, project management, media, strategy, and creative. It’s an immersive 16-week internship program to gain agency experience.

Interns at Periscope hit the ground running and spend the majority of their time embedded with a team of Periscope employees, learning about their role and department, and doing REAL client work.

“Our internship program is very intensive. The goal is to have people finishing the program feeling completely confident and prepared to launch their careers in advertising.” Wicker adds, “Your opinion is valued and you are treated like a member of the agency.”

The agency puts a great deal of thought into creating a program that gives interns the power and responsibility to take control of their careers. Interns are not “glorified errand-runners” that take care of agency busy-work.

“We get hundreds of applicants, so the candidates we ultimately hire need to come ready to work hard. Our expectation is for them to be open to new experiences, to move out of their comfort zones, to take risks, and to be brave. Through that process, we aim to help them discover their passion.” Like everything else in life, what interns get out of this internship depends on what they put in.

If you’re interested in applying, check out one of Periscope’s agency workshops to visit their office, have a face-to-face conversation with Periscopians, and get an overall feel for the agency and their culture. Here are the dates:

  • January 31st, 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • February 15th, 9:00am-12:00pm.

Applications for their internship are due by March 15th. Start yours today!

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