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FRWD@Bain is full-service digital marketing agency of around 60 employees located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. They are a strategically expanding hybrid agency that follows a consultative company model and focuses on digital marketing as a way to innovate and accelerate their client work.

The Work

When we sat down and talked to agency representative, Sarah Joseph, she told us exactly what makes FRWD@Bain so extraordinary. Their work comes from a diverse background of data analysis, systems integration, media, creative, and teams working together to uncover engaging insights combined with effective and scalable reach.

Their main goal when problem-solving is to think differently than the typical advertising agency. While they do some of the same type of work as traditional agencies, they are extremely concentrated on ensuring that their client is the focal point of any project, rather than the agency’s name. Teams working with the client are also crafted around specific clients needs. See how they’re redefining the industry here.  

“If we’re doing the same thing that we did with a client two years ago, we’re failing that client. We need to figure out a way to approach and innovate on a more effective scale.”

They clearly define a plan with their clients and make sure to attack their projects with a specific tactical execution in mind. This is also why they are constantly testing and learning alongside their clients to build upon what information they’ve already gathered to develop the best outcome. This effectively allows them to help their clients reach the correct consumer at the right time.

Company Culture

The agency is represented by an amazing core group of people who are dedicated to their job, love what they do, and are passionate about the creative space they are in. People and their philosophy regarding their jobs are one of the agency’s biggest strengths. They believe the work is best when they are challenged on a day-to-day basis. Employees are pushed to move fast, work efficiently, and have fun along the way. Because digital is always changing, you have to be able to have the mindset that you are never done learning.

Cross-learning throughout teams is important. It has been proven that diversity in both the team and how people think helps to make the output provided for a client better. Teams are essential in handling that. If you only work with the same group of people or do everything alone you’re never learning on how to progress your career. You can’t do one side of the business without the other. FRWD@Bain strives for the environment of team first, individual second.


Extra Career Advice

Spend lots of time meeting people and trying to get advice on the industry as a whole, not just one segmented area. In Minneapolis, there are so many ways to reach out to people in the industry you think you might want to go into. People are also very willing to meet up, mentor, and even have you learn from them. They also don’t have to be someone you work with. Being able to have people to trust that know you, not just professionally, but in your personal growth development as well will set you apart from the pack. Sometimes that gets lost with students. You might think only about your technical skill, but you’re going to need more than that specific skill when landing your first job. People skills are just as important as professional skills.


FRWD@Bain is actively looking for summer interns. Any Juniors and seniors in college who have a strong interest in creative and media should look at their open internships. More information is available on their careers page. They will also have a table at SAS, and their team will be taking in resumes, portfolios, names, and the like. Don’t miss out on the chance to say hello to the wonderful team at SAS 2019.

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