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About Nina Hale

Founded in 2005, Nina Hale is a performance digital marketing agency that drives revenue by connecting data to human behavior. Nina Hale is a nationally certified women-owned business (WBENC) and is 100% employee-owned. Not only has the agency been recognized as a 16-time Best Places to Work award recipient, but it has also been named to Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies for six consecutive years. The agency is located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis in Fifth Street Towers.

When we talked to the agency, they had a lot to say about what makes Nina Hale unique to the agency hub in Minneapolis. One quality that stood out was the agency’s belief in work-life balance. While they do extremely smart and detailed work, they equally value their employee owners’ time outside of work.


The Work

Nina Hale specializes in the strategic integration of digital and traditional media, Amazon marketing and advertising, social media, technical and content search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, user experience, and marketing analytics. Nina Hale doesn’t do anything that isn’t completely measurable. This keeps their clients happy because they back up their work with data and produce amazing results. Just take a peek at their case studies.

This world of data-driven, performance focused marketing is a huge opportunity for students to explore. As a whole, everything is moving in a digital direction. Traditional advertising isn’t necessarily dying off, it’s just evolving to the current climate of technology (i.e. digital billboards, connected TV, etc.). The ability to understand digital trends and how the advertising industry is evolving is beneficial no matter what field you’re in right now. It’s likely to affect your job in some aspect as well.



What is the agency’s best advice for students who aren’t quite sure what the right career is? Apply to a variety of internships with the intention of testing out the different options. Often times, students might feel that they already have a specific skill set and should only apply to a position that relates; it’s important to keep in mind that you can always learn new skills.

When applying to potential internships, the agency said to make 100% sure that there are no typos in resumes and cover letters. Especially for heavy communication roles, this should be a given, but the truth is that not everyone double or triple checks their work before submitting.

Internship Opportunities at Nina Hale

Nina Hale does not offer a formal internship program. Internships are dependent on the agency’s business needs, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on the careers portion of their website to see if anything gets posted. All of the information you need will be on that page.

To get more information on their current happenings or what they’re looking for in potential employees, talk to an agency representative at the Student Ad Summit!

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