Top 5 Things to Bring with You to #SAS2019


  1. Note taking tools: Whether it’s your trusty laptop or a good ole’ fashioned pen and paper, you’ll want to take notes on everything you see and hear this year. We’ll have agency and marketing representatives from many different companies and they all have vast amounts of knowledge that they are going to share with you.
  2. Resume (business cards and/or online portfolio up to you): Company representatives will be there and want to know more about you and the experiences you’ve had. It never hurts to have a resume with you if they ask; it’s always better to be over-prepared than underprepared.
  3. Energy: We’ve changed this event to take place over two days. Not only to cram more into the event but to make sure you have enough energy to mingle and learn for both days. On Thursday (5pm–7pm) and on Friday (9am–3pm), we are asking you to be involved and connected to what’s being said.  
  4. Phone: Taking pictures to share on social media could get you featured on our social media pages and could get you in contact pretty quickly with all speakers and agency representatives. Think Linkedin connections, emails you may be able to send to follow-up, and being able to share that you were doing something good for your future to your social pages. Don’t forget to use the #SAS2019 on all your posts!
  5. Questions: Researching the speakers and agencies beforehand will go a lot farther than you think and having individualized questions could make you stand out. While no question is a bad question, professionals typically get the same questions all the time. Why not leave a lasting impression by asking something unique and thought-provoking?


Feel free to reach out to the SAS 2019 committee with any burning questions. We’re excited about the event and want to make sure everyone has a great experience.

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