On the job hunt with Hunt Adkins

ignoretherulesThank you, Hunt Adkins for being a 2019 Gold Sponsor!

About Hunt Adkins

Hunt Adkins is a top 25 full-service brand and creative agency. Their mantra to ‘blow shit up’ is evident in, well…just about everything they do.

The agency chose to be involved in SAS for many reasons, but the biggest one was giving back to the advertising community. Shanna Apitz, Creative Director and Innovation, explains, “At some point everyone at HA [Hunt Adkins] was trying to get their foot in the door…we were all once helped out. It’s important for us to invest in the future of advertising.”

Apitz along with Gracie Rouse, Assistant Account Manager, gave us the low-down on all things HA: clients, internships, advice, and landing a job.

The Job Hunt

True to their culture of doing things differently, Hunt Adkins looks for people who can bring unique thoughts and perspectives to the table. This unique perspective, accompanied by hard work, an entrepreneurial spirit, and problem solving skills, catch their attention during an interview process.  

patrickhunt_at_adfed_eventConcerned that your lack of experience won’t land you an interview? Don’t worry about it. Apitz encourages students to not let experience to hinder their job search, and that character traits and personality can go a long way. She says: “We participate in SAS to find those up and coming stars: people that want to work their butt off, talk to us, and will spark our interest. It’s critical for us that not everyone inside our agency is thinking the same or being the same kind of person. Diversity in personality, experience, and passion is what we want in our agency.”

For students applying to jobs at advertising agencies, Apitz encourages students to be who they are. Elaborating on this, she says “We look at a ton of resumes and emails. You don’t need to be quirky or cheesy, but we want to see who you are.” It’s important for students to consider how they market themselves to agencies in application.

ha_cnnShe advises that students put their best foot forward in their resume and portfolio. If you just graduated college, your resume shouldn’t be four pages long. Apitz adds, “If you’re putting a portfolio together, don’t show me all the work you’ve ever done. That tells me you can’t edit and make decisions. Only showcase your best work. If there’s a gap in some type of experience, give yourself a project. Don’t say ‘I haven’t done it.’ Try to do it, because that shows us you take initiative.”

Ultimately, Apitz encourages students to “Showcase who you are, not who you think we want you to be.“

Current Opportunities

The Hunt Adkins Illustrious Pupilship Program is a full-time internship, that is often times graduates. HA looks at internships as opportunities to hire full-time staff and create positions based on agency-wide staffing needs.

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 11.45.23 amApitz encourages students that are interested in Hunt Adkins to reach out about job opportunities, “We don’t post listings typically, sometimes on our social channels or AdFed, but we usually don’t because we already get many inquiries that we don’t need to promote it.” She adds, “Just because you don’t see a listing doesn’t mean there’s not an opportunity. And that holds true for many agencies.”

Additionally, she notes that if there aren’t opportunities available to try and get an informational interview to get a better idea of the agency and its culture.

Find Hunt Adkins at SAS

Representatives from Hunt Adkins will be participating in portfolio and resume reviews throughout the event. They’ll also have a booth and encourage you to stop by, say hi and ask any questions you may have.


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