Creating Value with the Founders of Superhuman


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About Superhuman

Based in the heart of Uptown, Minneapolis, Superhuman is an advertising agency helping brands be more human. Beginning with a passion for branding, Superhuman has built a diverse work portfolio with clients ranging from large software companies to nonprofits and startups. Their robust service list includes strategy, experiential design, packaging, web design, and more.

We sat down with Van Horgen, Founder & CEO, and Grant Wilson, Partner & Chief Design Officer, to hear more about what makes Superhuman unique, what they look for in new hires, advice for those trying to get into the industry, and more.

Horgen always had a vision to start his own agency, and in 2011 that came true.

“I wanted to create an agency where we do world-class work—the talent we have here can compete with larger agencies. More importantly, I also wanted to create an agency with great people too.“

Superhuman is unique in the agency world—as they are set up now, they don’t have traditional account management.

“We’re small and everyone works on a client. The client has access to people directly so there’s no miscommunication, no confusion, we rarely go over budget, and we’re efficient,” says Horgen.


Landing a Job at Superhuman:

Like many agencies in the Twin Cities, finding your way in—whether it’s an internship or entry-level position—can be daunting. Culture, personality, work style, and experience are among the factors Superhuman considers when hiring.

Wilson notes, “We have to be very conscious of our culture, who we’re bringing in and how they’ll work with us and our clients.” He continues, “We’re not always looking for the best designer or the best writer out there…I mean, we want the best, but on top of that we want people who know how to communicate with people, solve problems, and work with people.”

“We’re looking for that really dynamic creative person,” he adds.

Advice from the Humans

Looking to get your foot in the door in advertising? Horgen and Wilson offer their advice.

Wilson speaks that everyone’s journey to their career is different, his included many twists. He says “You need to go into each situation or job opportunity with the mindset ‘I’m here to learn and to keep learning.’”

Horgen encourages aspiring advertisers to network. “Reach out to as many people as possible and take every meeting. Don’t be late, don’t reschedule. This person in the industry is busy and has taken time out to meet with you. Treat it like it’s gold.”

Overall, one of their larger takeaways was to be nice and humble—there might always be someone more talented or faster, but kindness and being thankful goes a long way.


Current Opportunities

Superhuman hires on a need-basis, with hopes to bring interns to full-time positions at the end of their internship.

“We want people to come in, learn fast, and be a part of what we’re doing. When they show value, we like to hire them. Our view of internships is kind of a testing period after college for someone who’s looking to succeed in this industry.” Wilson says.

Successful intern-to-hire stories at Superhuman are lived through by Bryce, project coordinator, and Sandy, designer.

Extra Grind School

This year, Superhuman began Extra Grind, a free (yes, zero dollars) after hours school for people looking to add to their portfolio.

“It’s important in this industry to take the time to keep building what you want to do and find what you’re interested in. Just because you graduate with a degree in graphic design or marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you should be doing that,” Wilson says.

Find Superhuman at SAS

Representatives from Superhuman will be participating in portfolio and resume reviews throughout the event. They’ll also have a booth and encourage you to stop by, say hi and ask any questions you may have.

Follow Superhuman on Social

Stay up-to-date with job opportunities, Extra Grind and life at Superhuman.

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