Thank you, Hunt Adkins, for being a 2018 Gold Sponsor!

Hunt Adkins, a full-service brand communications and digitally-focused advertising agency, is comprised of a small group of employees with a large drive for being change agents and creating great work. Hunt Adkins is purpose-driven and enjoys having the flexibility to work with a wide variety of clients. They are rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit and truly believe in being disruptive. This results in a culture that’s based on passion, dedication, and empowerment. At Hunt Adkins, you can never learn enough.

Minneapolis Architecture is the Student Advertising Summit theme. Hunt Adkins sits on the top floor of the Bob Dylan mural building with a 360° view of downtown. Their office space is modern and open, which makes collaboration between people fast and easy. If you ever have the chance to visit Hunt Adkins, you’ll understand when I say that the office environment is humble (agency awards are displayed in garbage cans) and inspiring, much like the people who work there.

Members of the Hunt Adkins team will be hanging out at Student Advertising Summit throughout the event. Here’s a bit of advice they gave to students attending:

  • Talk to everyone. Yes, even the high-level executives. Professionals are at the event to help students, so don’t be afraid to say hi.
  • Don’t be a chameleon. Stand out in the crowd by being yourself, researching the agencies and people you’re interested in, and making personalized notes. The best way to demonstrate that you’re interesting is to be interested.
  • Be genuine and have humility. Show that you have a willingness to learn and be coached.
  • Follow up. You’d be surprised as to how few people do it. If you click with someone, connect with them on LinkedIn and ask to chat again over coffee.

Wondering how to get your start with Hunt Adkins? Hunt Adkins has two programs: Agency Hatch and their Illustrious Pupilship. Agency Hatch, a 4-week pop-up agency run by interns and mentored by Hunt Adkins executive leadership, is exclusively open to SAS attendees so make sure you stop by their booth! To Hunt Adkins, just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t do something great, which is why they provide any student interested with the opportunity to do real agency work for a real client. On the contrary, to be considered for their more competitive Illustrious Pupilship program you need experience, as you would be working as a part of the agency.

With that, we’d like to thank Shanna Apitz, Director of Digital Strategy, Sarah Day, Account Manager, and Josh Smerick, Director of Strategic Planning, for sharing their time with us. Thank you for your support of this year’s Student Advertising Summit!

For more information on the Student Advertising Summit, visit

Find Hunt Adkins on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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