So, you’ve heard that the Student Advertising Summit is happening soon. Like, Friday  (February 23rd) soon. You might have heard a friend of a friend mentioning #SAS2018 in passing because they attended last year, or maybe a professor or mentor is recommending you attend. You’re thinking about attending, but you’re wondering is it worth it?

In short, yes, but let me explain why:

1. Keynote Speakers

We have three (yes, three!) amazing keynote speakers this year, which includes:

  • Kristen Cavallo, who was recently named the first female CEO in the 52-year history of The Martin Agency and is a fierce advocate for women in the advertising industry.
  • Todd Waterbury, CCO of Target, who has extensive experience in creating strategic, highly-integrated marketing and design work for a broad roster of international clients.
  • Carolyn Hadlock, Executive Creative Director of Young & Laramore, who has spent 20+ years inspiring teams to deliver original, startling, & consistently effective creative for the likes of Upland Brewing, Brizo, Louisville Slugger, Speedway, CAT Footwear and Trane.

2. Networking

We know you know networking is important. We also know that you know networking can be an awkward mess. At SAS, our programming helps promote genuine interactions between students and advertising professionals. There is time set aside specifically for networking and portfolio reviews in the afternoon, and even a happy hour after the event to further your new connections!

3. Breakout Sessions

Classroom curriculum can only teach you so much. At SAS, you can pick and choose from a variety of breakout sessions hosted by advertising professionals who work at local agencies. Breakout session topics can range from discussing hot topics in the industry to tips on getting an internship or job.

4. Agency Tours

You can literally get your foot in the door at an agency if you attend SAS. Each agency is unique and tells a different story. If you’re not sure where you see yourself post-graduation, this is a great way to see what agency life could look like. With McNamara so close to the light rail, downtown agencies are just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

5. One word: Food

Did I convince you? Register for SAS now!



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