Thank you, ICF Olson, for being a 2018 Gold Sponsor!

ICF Olson, an ICF International Company, is a forward-thinking, full-service advertising agency with offices globally including Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and more. With four distinct agencies groups – Olson (digital and advertising services), Olson Engage (PR and social media), Olson 1to1 (loyalty and CRM), and ICF Olson (digital and technology-enabled solutions) – ICF Olson is able to provide a spectrum of services for their clients. In turn, there is a lot of room for employees to learn and grow professionally within the agency.


Despite being a larger agency, there’s no “heads down” mentality at ICF Olson. With easy access to people and resources, they promote interaction on every level. The agency even has their own King and Queen, whose sole mission is to help create a more connected culture and drive the agency brand forward.

You might be familiar with ICF Olson’s mantra: think like people. The world is ever-changing, which means consumers people are constantly changing. It’s important for ICF Olson to work through a human lens so they can ask deeper rooted questions. Because of this, you can see why they work on so many global and local brands like Bauer, Bissell, Target, and Belize.

Minneapolis Architecture is the Student Advertising Summit theme. If you ever get the chance to tour or visit ICF Olson, you might notice their unique common area. Back in the day, their office space used to be an old car manufacturing plant where cars were built from top to bottom. The space, to ICF Olson, represents longevity and change. Some other office highlights include their rooftop, which has WiFi and is the perfect place for employees to catch sunshine and work during warmer months. Betty’s on 7, their bar, is also a popular spot as it hosts weekly happy hours and provides opportunities for people to socialize and decompress.


Members of the ICF Olson team will be hanging out at Student Advertising Summit throughout the event. Here’s a bit of advice to prepare for chatting with them:

    • Show up. Attending SAS gets you in front of advertising professionals that want to meet driven students like you. This is your chance to introduce yourself face-to-face.
    • Have questions and be curious. Make sure to ask questions that show your thirst for knowledge.
    • Come with conviction. Distinguish yourself. Show your passion. Know why you want to work at ICF Olson and what you could see yourself doing.
    • Know who you are. Own your personal brand. Know what your values are, what you like, and what you don’t like.
    • Be confident yet humble. Be genuine.

Wondering how to get your start with ICF Olson? Hop on the O-tern elevator and apply before the March 4th deadline. The O-tern program includes the opportunity to do real work on real brands. Over the summer, the O-tern team gets their own client. It’s a fast and furious 3 months, but don’t let that intimidate you because they provide extensive training and resources. If you’re looking to get into a career in account management, strategy, PR, technology, or creative services, this is a great place to get your foot in the door.

With that, we’d like to thank Christina Zajic, Director of Communications and Engagement, Brian Reid, Senior Strategist, and Stefany Rowe, HR Business Partner, for sharing their time with us. Thank you for your support of this year’s Student Advertising Summit!


For more information on the Student Advertising Summit, visit

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