Thank you, Hubbard Radio, for being a 2018 Gold Sponsor!

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Hubbard Radio is a division of Hubbard Broadcasting Inc., a local, family-owned and-operated broadcasting company with a deep and rich history in both media and Minnesota. But don’t let their 90+ year history fool you. With innovation at the center of everything they do, they’re anything but stuck in the past. From forming the first national radio news service, to purchasing the first TV camera ever sold, to even launching a full service digital agency. They continue to push the boundaries of media as we know it.

Hubbard Interactive_logo.png

Hubbard Interactive, their stand-alone, full service agency, is ever-evolving based on their clients needs. Because of their positioning within the greater Hubbard Radio umbrella, they’re able to crank out smart, fully integrated campaigns. Here, you’re able to come and get everything you need.

Being so nimble and growth-oriented can be tough on an organization, and that’s something they recognize. Because of this, they foster a culture of leadership. They invest in their employees –  frequently sending them to leadership training programs, in order to not only better the workplace, but also better the work.

Every day is different. As an employee, you’re given the freedom to dream and bring those dreams to life. That’s how the Hubbard Digital Academy and The Social Feed Podcast were born. Drive and passion aren’t only encouraged at Hubbard, they’re required.

Hubbard employees get all the perks of working at a TV or Radio station. Celebrities and artists frequent the building, and often host private concerts or meet-and-greets just for the employees. On top of that, Mr. Stanley S. Hubbard, the founder’s son and living legend, still works in the building every single day.

Minneapolis Architecture is the Student Advertising Summit theme. With Hubbard’s long-standing history, it’s no surprise that their building has a few tricks up its sleeve. First, the “K” in the KSTP tiled on the floor in the building’s main lobby is the actual border between the city of Minneapolis and the city of St. Paul. So when you stand on either side of the “K”, you’re in both Minneapolis and St. Paul simultaneously! Additionally, one of their elevators is painted to look like Hollywood, but with Minnesota as the Hollywood sign! The USSB seen in the design stands for U.S. Satellite Broadcasting. Legend has it, this elevator was painted the night before they launched a high-power Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) into space. This made the first high-power DBS programming broadcast direct to U.S. homes possible. Today we call this service, DirectTV!


Members of the Hubbard Radio and Hubbard Interactive team will be hanging out at Student Advertising Summit throughout the event. Here’s a bit of advice to prepare for chatting with them:

  • Show your drive. Don’t tell it. Speak with passion and purpose.
  • Any experience is experience. Don’t shy away from talking about your job as a server. Just be sure to relate that to what you can do for them.
  • Have a LinkedIn profile. And connect with them if you make an IRL connection.
  • Print your resume. Little things like this show you’re ready for your next career move.
  • Follow up. Be proactive. Let them know you’re interested in them.

Wondering how to get your start with Hubbard Radio and Hubbard Interactive? Check out their careers page at and keep an eye out for Account Management, Street Team, and Social Media positions. If professional social media is something you’ve got your eye on, look no further than Hubbard Interactive’s BRAND NEW Social Media Internship!

With that, we’d like to thank Jeff Gonsales, Director of Sales at Hubbard Radio, and Missy Budensiek, Social Media Services Manager at Hubbard Interactive, for sharing their time with us. Thank you for your support of this year’s Student Advertising Summit!

For more information on the Student Advertising Summit, visit

Find Hubbard Interactive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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