Each year, we feature our Sponsors on the blog. Click on the logos to be brought to their websites. We can’t thank them enough for making this year’s SAS happen!


ICF Next: Strategic consulting for a digital world.



Broadhead: Actions speak louder than words.

broadhead logo_kelli


FRWD (Bain & Company): Innovation starts when convention starts.



Hunt Adkins: is a full-service brand communications and digitally focused advertising agency. Also they like to ignore the rules of space and time.

ha_digital_blue_rgb_fordigital (1)


Nina Hale: Explore. Challenge. Analyze. Tweak. Perfect.



Periscope: Do things people love.

periscope_black_useforb&wmaterials (1)


Super Human: They help brands be more human.




Chicago Portfolio School: Their school’s a little different. But, so are you, otherwise you wouldn’t be there. Try on a few eyeballs and check out Chicago Portfolio School.

Chicago Portfolio school logo.png


Fallon: Be the ones who do things.



Haworth: They are the intersection of smart ideas + devotion



Wunderman: Wunderman is Creatively Driven. Data Inspired. A leading global digital agency, Wunderman combines creativity and data into work that inspires consumers to action and delivers results for brands.



Colle McVoy: They lead brands to their next through purpose, innovation and experience.




In Food Marketing: They’re INto Food. They bring nearly 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience to the table.

InFood Logo_Austin.jpg


Martin Williams: Curious gives brands a competitive advantage.



The Lacek Group: For 25 years, The Lacek Group has been evolving and refining data and analytics strategies that help our clients identify their highest-potential customers, nurture them across channels throughout their life cycles, and use data to personalize each relationship for optimal long-term results.



Little & Co.: Design is everything. Because powerful brands don’t just happen by accident.




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