Thank you, Carmichael Lynch, for being our one and only 2018 Platinum Sponsor!


Carmichael Lynch is a full-service creative agency within the IPG Global Network and located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. They’re in the business of unfair ideas. You know the ones. The ideas you wish you would have thought of that give clients a real business advantage. You may have seen some of their unfair ideas at work in the Love. It’s What Makes A Subaru, A Subaru. or the Messin’ With Sasquatch campaigns (to name a few). Their interdependence across departments serves as a foundation for their highly praised work.

But their work is just a piece of who they are as an agency.


To say the culture at Carmichael Lynch is unique is a major understatement. Creativity is an agency-wide expectation; not limited to a single department. For many employees this manifests as flourishing side hustles. They pride themselves on keeping true to the shared entrepreneurial spirit, while enhancing the culture with each new hire. The agency has also marched in the Twin Cities Pride Parade for the last three years, and hosts Roofstage Pass (a concert series) for its employees. For them, culture isn’t an expense – it’s an investment.

Minneapolis Architecture is the Student Advertising Summit theme. Carmichael Lynch happens to be in the same building where Prince had his office and club. The building is an old textile mill turned workplace that they’ve built to LEED standards. On top of the building sits a big, beautiful water tower affectionately known as Rusty. While Rusty isn’t alive, he’s got his own personality thanks to fun and seasonal projections.


Representatives from Carmichael Lynch (*ahem* real life CL employees) will be visiting the Student Advertising Summit both throughout the event and during the Carmichael Lynch Happy Hour. This will be the perfect time to strike up a conversation. Prepare to make a great first impression by studying and heeding these tips:

  • Do your research. Study the agency and its work carefully and thoroughly.
  • Speak with passion. Show that you love this industry and agency.
  • Communicate effectively. Don’t forget to listen.
  • Be curious. Ask questions.
  • Protect your brand. Update your social media accounts, proofread your website, dress to impress, and put your phone away.
  • Follow up. If you make a true connection with someone, make it official with a LinkedIn request.

Their recently rebranded internship, The In, is just that – your “in” to the advertising industry. You won’t be making coffee or manning the front desk. You’ll actually be doing real work with real clients. Sounds real cool, right? So how do you get in The In? Apply here by March 2nd. Do NOT wait until the last minute to apply. Oh, and make sure you (and a friend or two) proofread your application.

With that, we’d like to thank Director of Talent Acquisition Ed Huerta-Margotta, Communications and Marketing Director Ellie Taylor, and Director of Account Management Stacy Janicki for sharing their time and agency with us. Thank you for your support of this year’s Student Advertising Summit!


For more information on the Student Advertising Summit, visit

Find Carmichael Lynch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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