You’ve secured your ticket for Student Advertising Summit and you might be wondering… now what? SAS  is right around the corner, and, trust me, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and organized in advance.

Dress for the occasion! Comfortable business casual attire is recommended. SAS is an all-day networking event, so maybe skip that confining shirt or those 4-inch heels (unless you know you can power through the day in them). I would highly recommend dressing in attire that represents your style and personality. Stay true to who you are.

If you are in need of a quick shopping excursion, some must-visits might be:

  • H&M: This store can be pretty hit-or-miss, however, if you’re just looking for some affordable basics–this is your place.
  • Banana Republic: It’s hard to go wrong here, this place is basically a business casual attire haven and their clothing is usually comfortable and practical.
  • Target: That’s right. Target. Recently, Target has been expanding their clothing lines. This would be a great place to find something stylish and affordable.
  • J. Crew/Nordstrom/Anthropologie: A bit on the pricier side, but if you plan on attending more professional events, it might be worth buying a few nicer pieces.

Still don’t have an outfit vision? Try looking at Pinterest boards, going through Google Images or throwing some hashtags like #businesscasual into your Instagram search bar.

Bring only what you need! This might include:

  • Notebook and pen for note taking
  • Resume, business cards and/or portfolio (Not a necessity.)
  • Cash/credit for parking or if you plan on staying for happy hour
  • Energy (Did I mention this is an all-day event?)
  • Phone (Take pictures to share on social media and use #SAS2018!)
  • Questions/comments (Study beforehand. Research the speakers so general questions are out of the way.)

Feel free to reach out to the SAS 2018 committee if you are still burning with questions. We’re excited for the event and want to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email at

Haven’t registered yet? Do so now at!


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