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Battling it out on the game board was fun, but this year we have finished rolling the dice and are ready to take on a new vision. The 2018 Student Advertising Summit will take a different approach to the networking game. We understand that networking is a tough game, and finding a theme to help carry out our vision took careful consideration. We juggled between themes like, Kings of the Jungle, and Let Your Career Soar, where we could explore the wonders of the jungle or highlight the heights at which SAS 2018 can bring you. Those were fun, but the 20th Annual Student Advertising Summit has to be bold, sleek and sophisticated. This year SAS has a new mature spin that will survive the times. Minneapolis Architecture is the way to build.

Minneapolis Architecture incorporates the beauty of Minneapolis’ famous structures and the planning behind them. Building a career is much like building a landmark. There’s planning with ups and downs that lead to results unique to you. A building does not become a landmark within a year of construction. Landmark status is achieved when a structure is carefully built and can endure the test of time, outshining the competition. Our planning for SAS 2018 presents a sleek motif composed of structured designs, artistic analysis, and presentations on Minneapolis’ most famous landmarks. SAS 2018 is the place to be to help elevate your unique style among your peers and professionals, allowing you to Scale the Industry. #SAS2018

Save the date for Student Advertising Summit 2018!

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at McNamara Alumni Center

Registration will be available soon!


Questions about event details, sponsorship, and more? Email


Written by the copywriting team; the best and the baddest in the business who happen to also enjoy cake.

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