Keep moving FRWD in your job search!

FRWD is an advertising agency focused on building brands through digital transformation. Their unique approach allows clients to grow with big ideas and results that keep them moving forward. We got to hear their simple tips for making the most of SAS and your first ad agency experience. Make sure to check out their North Loop office during the SAS agency tours!

SAS: What was your favorite part about SAS last year and what are you most looking forward to this year?

Last year there was a great energy and excitement from the students around how to become more engaged and navigate their own path in the advertising world.

This year we are looking forward to a continuation of students showing their passion and drive to jump into the industry. It is always awesome to see the students’ support for each other at SAS as they are beginning their path to entering the advertising industry.


SAS: How does your approach to client work set you apart from other local agencies?

We focus on building client capability through empowering their internal teams to leverage data and technology to mutually help create ideas. Our relationship with clients focuses on being part of a team- different from simply outsourcing to an agency.


SAS: What are the pros to working in a small vs large agency?

  • More exposure to all aspects of the business as well as client access at a higher level more quickly

  • Have the ability to create your own path within the agency

  • Develop more of an identity within the organization by expanding and customizing your skillset


SAS: What can students and recent grads new to the ad world stand out in a group of applicants?

Find ways to show proactivity and an entrepreneurial mindset – making something happen instead of waiting for it to happen.

Continue to follow up with the hiring manager to ask what you can do in order to make it happen. Taking ownership and learning more about the company and opportunities shows that you are passionate.


SAS: How can students and recent grads make the most of their first internship or entry level ad job?

  • Willing to do whatever the situation calls for

  • Really dive in and be committed

  • Don’t sit back and wait for direction

  • Embrace your role though curiosity, tenacity and work completion

  • There is nothing that will prepare you more for a 40 hour work week – it will be eye opening what can be accomplished in just 1 day.


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