5 Reasons to Register for SAS

Sure, you’ve probably heard of the Ad 2 Student Advertising Summit. Maybe your friends did it last year, your brother did it when he was in school, or your mentor mentioned it the last time you met. You feel like you should to go, but worry Is it worth it? Here are 5 reasons why it’s totally worth it to register for SAS.



Heard this one before? Of course you have. Most people in the industry will tell you how important it is to network and build relationships. At the SAS, there will be time set aside specifically for networking (and portfolio reviews) with professionals! If that’s not enough, there’s even going to be a happy hour after the event where you can further your newly established connections.

Agency Tour

Each agency has a different story, different space, different culture. The only way to really create your own opinions on these things is through your own two eyes. Since McNamara is close to the Green Line train, you’ll be able to take a train to downtown Minneapolis and check out a real agency!

Breakout Sessions

College courses can only be so relevant. These breakout sessions are short talks about hot topics in the industry, getting a job or internship, and other things you won’t learn in a classroom.

Keynote Speakers

There are 2 awesome keynote speakers coming to SAS this year. Kristin Bitter is the Director of Marketing, New Business at The Coca-Cola Company. She earned her bachelor at the University of Minnesota in Graphic Arts, and has since worked on both the agency and corporate sides. John Osborn is the President & CEO of BBDO New York. He’s worked at BBDO for the last 20 years, but previously worked for Saatchi & Saatchi and Nike Corporate.


Food will be provided, and it will be delicious.


Convinced? Register now!


Written by PR/Social Media Intern: Kelsey Anderson

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