SAS 2016: What to Wear? What to Bring?

So you have registered for the event (or plan to very soon, obviously), and now you’re thinking, “what do I wear and bring?” SAS 2016, The Super Summit, is only roughly 1 month away. With busy schedules, it is important to get organized now. Many questions we receive every year includes what to wear or bring to the event. Luckily, I can help you with that.

What to Wear

Men: Whether you’re a Creative coming to get your portfolio reviewed or a SAS rookie excited to hear from your favorite local agency, your style should fit the advertising scene. You’re guys. You only have so much to choose from, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the best tie to go with your polished shoes. Don’t feel that you must wear a full on suit. A fitted button down shirt from Express, with navy or tan pants from J.Crew. If you want to dress it up, throw on a skinny tie or the no tie, but a blazer look. Look professional, but also fit the event’s style code. Remember, you are a young-professional or student, surrounded by many big-name professionals. Be serious, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Please, as much as we all can respect Lloyd and Harry, don’t go that far.


Women: First thing’s first, blazers can dress anything up. Whether you’re planning on wearing a dress or pants, that blazer can really add to any outfit. Nordstrom never disappoints, but if you’re looking for something less expensive, try H&M! Like mentioned in the men’s section, there will be professionals there – some in which you may want to speak with. How are you going to stand out (other than your amazing resume and social skills when introducing yourself)? My tip is chic, but professional. Neutrals are always fitting and nice, with compliments, like accessories or colors.Wear a pop of color on your feet, try that new lip color at SAS, or pull out your favorite accessory (clutch, watch, etc.). Be classy and of course, SASsy.

Here are a few past outfits from the event for some further ideas.

sasoutfit sasoutfit2outfit4.png

What to Bring

Here is a list of suggested items to bring:

  • Notebook and pen – highly suggested for note taking
  • Resume – not necessary, but maybe a good idea (just in case)
  • Business Cards – not necessary, but up to you!
  • Mints or gum (talking to lots of professionals on coffee breathe is never comfortable)
  • Cash/Credit – if you are parking on campus or staying for the happy hour after
  • Energy – it is a long day, coffee provided, but get a good night’s sleep before!
  • Phone – taking pictures to post to social media of the event, following people on social media, etc.
  • Questions/Comments – prepare a little before — know who is coming and/or who you want to speak with or see the day of

Please, feel free to reach out to anyone on our committee with questions. We are so excited for the event and want to make it the best experience for everyone who attends.

Written By: Jayna Anderson // Public Relations & Social Media Lead


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