In case you didn’t know, there are 77 days until the Student Advertising Summit (but who’s counting). So this means that you have about two months to get your portfolio ready for review! Don’t have a portfolio yet? Don’t stress just yet, here are some pro tips that you can use to get you started.

How many pieces to include…


There is no set number on pieces you need, but a good rule of thumb is that QUALITY is better than QUANTITY. Your portfolio should include your best work you’ve done, and nothing that you aren’t proud of. For a versatile portfolio, try to include a variety of pieces. This way future employers can see that you have an understanding of print, digital, radio, and other outlets.


Coming up with a client…


  • This is where you can use your imagination! You can choose any brand or client that you’d like to do work for! To really show off your creative skills, try to have a variety of clients that are from different consumer categories. For example, try to include clients that offer services, and also include tangible goods.
  • If you can’t think of a client that you would want to do work for, look at brands that have done boring work. Think outside the box, and make the boring brand interesting. The future employer doesn’t want to see that you did work for the same car company 5 times. Having a variety will show that you can work creatively with any client that you are given.


How to start brainstorming…


The creative process is different for everyone. Once you have more experience, you will gain a better understanding of what yours is. Here are a few ideas that will help start your creative thinking:

  • For writing headlines: write 100 headlines, then pick your best one. Then write 100 more with that strategy in mind.
  • Check out this site: They post briefs that you can create campaigns for, and have a chance to win prizes.


Reviewing finished work…


  • Always, always, always proof-read. Take a closer look at your grammar, punctuation and spelling! Make sure that you spell the clients name right. Future employers don’t want to see awesome work, but then see that you spelled La-Z-Boy, “Lazy Boy”.
  • Next, make sure that your ad is on strategy. Is this something that will execute the business message? Creativity is always important, but always make sure that it is solving something. Ask yourself, is it increasing brand awareness? Or is it improving brand image, etc. Being able to talk about these things with your work will set you apart from other candidates.


Places to put your portfolio…


There are many websites that you can use to place your work on. A few of them are:


This way it is very easy to send your portfolio to future employers.

For the portfolio review at SAS…

You can print your portfolio out, or have it ready for review on a tablet. If you are bringing a tablet, just be aware that wi-fi conditions are often unpredictable, so having a version available offline is preferred.

Now get started you creative cat! Winter break is coming up, and it is the perfect time for you to put some work in to your portfolio. Team up with a few friends and get some campaigns done. If you have any other questions about getting your portfolio ready for review for the Student Ad Summit, email


Written by Social Media/PR Intern: Brittany Forsberg

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