6 Informational Interview Feels — As Told By Michelle Tanner

Whether you’re an eager student or inspired professional, informational interviews have brought out the feels in all of us. Don’t let these feels discourage you from doing them! The feels are normal and we all face them, so here are some feels you can expect and a few tips to tackle them—as told by America’s sweetheart (circa 1990), Michelle Tanner.



It comes and it goes, but when it’s there, you can’t ignore it. That urge to learn everything you can about a company, position, or person is unparalleled. When you get this feel, you should set up an informational interview.



Okay, but what really is an informational interview? An informational interview is a brief meeting with someone in a profession or an organization you want to explore. It is not a job interview. It’s kind of like a Google Search IRL.



YEP, meeting new people is scary and nerve-wracking. What if I say the wrong thing? What if he or she hates me? Spoiler: the person you’re interviewing really does want to help you and, ultimately, see you succeed. Take a chill pill, and don’t forget to breathe.



It’ll probably get awkward. There will inevitably be lulls in the conversation, and that’s okay! To help keep the awkward to a minimum, though, do your research. Come prepared with questions, topics, or fun stories. Ask about his company, the industry, her college career, current trends, his position, her personality – the limit does not exist. The more questions, the more worthwhile it’ll be for everyone involved.



When you’ve found a position, company, or career path that really resonates with you during your interview, you’re going to feel pretty jazzed. Share your excitement during the interview! This can help you and the person you’re interviewing better understand who you are.



I always leave informational interviews feeling ~fly~. Something about gaining a professional connection, hanging out at an agency, and talking about the future always makes me feel like a fresh new human.


Whatever you feel, don’t miss the opportunity to do informational interviews. They’re one of the best ways to network in the industry, and you’ll get better at them the more you do them.

Written by PR/Social Media Intern: Kelsey Anderson

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