Every year, the Student Ad Summit takes on a theme with a unique look and feel. Last year’s theme was The Ultimate Expedition, inspired by the north woods of Minnesota. Other themes, to name just a few, have included space (The Final Frontier), the circus (The Greatest Gig on Earth), and secret agents.

Yesterday was our big 2016 theme reveal! In case you missed it, the following are the photos we posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Long ago at a Student Ad Summit, a student and a professional exchanged business cards and a supercharged energy, forming an alliance.
Changes ensued within the student. He could communicate efficiently and find solutions in a flash. He radiated confidence.
The student tried out his new skills at a networking event. He made connections and assembled more alliances in the advertising industry.
After applying for jobs, the student landed an internship. He began to master his skills and eventually flew to the top of his field.
Years later, the student turned intern is an advertising hero. He’ll attend the 2016 Student Ad Summit for another action-packed affair.
Ready to discover your advertising superpowers? Help save the day on February 26, 2016 as we take on A Heroic Pursuit at The Super Summit!

You guessed it! The 2016 Student Ad Summit theme is A Heroic Pursuit, inspired by superhero comics.

But how did this SUPER theme come to be? We started the brainstorming process at our very first planning meeting back in September. We each wrote down as many new theme ideas as possible, then compiled a list. Next, we voted and narrowed it down to about 5 and handed it over to our creative and copy writing teams. They put in a lot of hard work (using all of their superpowers), decided upon this theme, and brought it to life.

We hope you love A Heroic Pursuit as much as we do! Keep an eye on ad2sas.org and our social media pages for more information on registration. Don’t forget to save the date – February 26, 2016!


Written by PR/Social Media Intern: Kelsey Anderson

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