Make This Year Count

Football season is upon us, Halloween decorations are on sale, and we’ve all got our eyes on those pumpkin spice lattes. Yep, it’s fall again. Each new school year is a chance to prove yourself and improve yourself. I always like to take some time (before homework takes over my life) to evaluate which professional skills I want to gain this year. What will make me most marketable as I apply for internships or *GASP* my first real job?

Rachel Green Job Thing

I’ve created a list of 3 things that many potential employers are looking for.

1. Experience

Every job description you’ll ever see will ask for some kind of experience. Don’t let this intimidate you! You gain experience from every job, class project, and extra-curricular activity you do. This year, make it a goal to join a new club, run for an officer position, or apply for a student job on campus. You’ll be surprised at how well those experiences can be applied to your summer job or internship search.

2. Writing Skills

No employer expects you to be a New York Times Best Seller, but being able to write and communicate effectively are very important. Though some people are born with a natural way with words, most of us really need to practice this skill. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to work on your words. You can start your own blog, become a writer or editor for a social content platform (such as The Odyssey or The Lala), or apply for your school’s newspaper.

3. Willingness to Work and Learn

Yes, this one is broad, but employers need to know that you know that you don’t know it all. You got that? Companies want employees that ask questions and work hard every day. This skill often comes with opening your mind. Start by sitting in the front row or participating in class discussions. Teach yourself how to use Adobe Illustrator or play the piano. Any of these things can help show a hiring manager that you won’t quit working or learning once you get that acceptance e-mail.

This year I’m going to participate in my school’s Advertising Club, write blog posts right here for Student Ad Summit, and vow to ask more questions. What will you do to make this year count?

Written by: Kelsey Anderson – PR/Social Media Intern

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