The Ultimate Expedition

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On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit committee, we want to give a huge thank you to our web developers at One Town Creative for designing the splash page for our website! Check out their website:

Another round of applause goes to Laura Schmidt, Samuel Lindsay and Scott White of the SAS creative team and to Alexandra Braasch and Erin Slayton of the SAS copywriting team for designing the uniquely hand-crafted clues for yesterday’s theme reveal. The clues were designed to fit our theme, and also offered tips on how to be successful in the industry. Take a look at these tips:


Write a follow-up email or letter after an interview. Don’t be afraid to pack thank you cards with the rest of your gear, so you can send it immediately after your interview or meeting.


After meeting someone, add them on LinkedIn. This will give them a reminder of who you are and what you do. Be sure your profile is up-to-date and grammatically correct. Your LinkedIn profile should be as professional as your resume. Remember, personalized messages will go a long way.


Keep a resource for background research on companies or agencies that you are interested in. Review it before an interview or networking event. Make it a goal for yourself to meet a specific person or give a specific company your resume.


Networking is about quality, not quantity. Making a few important connections is better than many surface-level conversations. It’s important to walk away remembering what you talked about and having the company remember you as well.

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