Thank You Miami Ad School

On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit planning committee, its constituents and all attendees; we graciously thank Miami Ad School for their involvement and generosity as a GOLD sponsor!


Take a look at what Miami Ad School has to offer!

Miami Ad School prepares people for today’s world of advertising. Taught by professionals and experts in their field, the students have hands on learning with top creatives and strategists at each and every school as well as the opportunity to travel the world and work within agencies in our two year program making the real world their classroom.

We offer a two-year portfolio program, a master’s program, 3-month Boot Camps in Account Planning or Communication Planning and shorter workshops called Miami Ad School PRO- learn more about our workshops and seminars for advertising professionals at

With schools in Miami, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Hamburg, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Istanbul, New York, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sydney, it truly is a global experience.


Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital Design, Photography, Account Planning, Communication Planning, Workshops for Working Professionals

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