Ringmasters Advice

Last week we held our Opening Act event to kick off pre-registration, which is now open!  This week we give you the experience from our event by an attendee and SAS Committee Member, Elizabeth Nelson:

As advertising students prepare for the grandest networking gig, (the Student Ad Summit of course) the Opening Act provided spectators information from an industry expert, Matt Doherty, an agency tour, discounted SAS ticket and even Qdoba. FRWD graciously sponsored the event and even let spectators tour their unique space with founder, John Grudnowski.

One of the Co-Directors of  SAS, Alaura Krueger introduced Matt Doherty with some of her useful industry tips. Her grand advice was to meet someone new when networking and know what you want to say. Whether it is a one-liner about yourself or a quick one-minute speech, try to be memorable. Matt, the Director of Shopper and Mobile at FRWD, continued to thrill the audience with his charm and even quoted performer “J. Timberlake.” To be able to perform in the juggling act of this industry, he explained that leveraging your own experiences and communicating them is crucial to be a success. Make the most of your experience by going beyond the paycheck to do something and stand out. Always try to evolve, because complacency is the devil. One spectator of this event from University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Amber Johnson, said her favorite advice from Matt was to “make yourself irreplaceable in your career.”  Advertising spectators are in luck, the Student Advertising Summit is approaching on February 22nd to learn skills to become irreplaceable.  Don’t miss this ballyhoo!

SAS Registration

elizabeth nelsonWritten by: Elizabeth Nelson

Brand Ambassador

University of Wisconsin – River Falls

Junior: Marketing Communications

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