Thank You Fallon

On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit planning committee, its constituents and all attendees; we graciously thank Fallon for their involvement and generosity as a GOLD sponsor!


Take a look at what Fallon has to offer!

Total integrated marketing communications planning and production.

Brave work that makes a difference

Twenty nine years ago, five Minneapolis entrepreneurs met at a downtown diner and pooled their life savings to buy a single print advertisement that ran in two metro newspapers.

On that day Fallon opened its doors, without a single client, under the headline, “A new advertising agency for companies that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them.”

Where others viewed our geography as a disadvantage, we found opportunity. Bob Dylan had already proven that if you’re determined to surprise the world, Minnesota is as good a place as any to raise your voice. Unlike the big ad shops on Madison Avenue and the left coast, we have the advantage of actually living in America where the people are; where brands not trends are built.

Fallon’s ambition to outsmart has been unwavering. Today outsmarting requires a more generous approach to marketing. Generous brands create something of value in the world: entertainment value, social value, and belief value. Generous brands are additive to peoples’ lives and to culture. They help build ideas in the world; they leave something behind. Modern branding is learning to give as much as you take.

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