Tips for Building a Successful Resumé

We’re already at the end of January, and the Student Ad Summit is coming up soon! Within SAS, there are plenty of other opportunities for those eager aspiring advertisers to get out there and network. A crucial tool in the process is having your resumé in tip-top shape. Through this post, I’ll go over some key points to remember while writing your resumé, and a few pointers to assist you along the way.

Make yourself stick out. In the midst of an employers daily workload, you’re expecting them to not only take time to read your resumé, but to remember it. Make sure to focus on your accomplishments and achievements rather than listing generic tasks. Even if you have a limited job history, spruce up the wording to work in your favor. For example, instead of saying, “I worked closely with customers on a daily basis,” try, “I utilized my past experiences of personal interaction to deliver excellent customer- service and increased sales by 10%.” This will take a job, that may have nothing to do with the one you’re pursuing, and add a relationship for the employer to connect with.

It’s all about the details. The little things can, and do, make a big difference. Important factors to consider while you’re planning and building your resumé are the format, layout, and font choice. There are a multitude of resumé templates out there that you can take advantage of, but beware of your target audience and ensure it’s an appropriate design.

As crucial as the overall appearance is, the intricacies matter just as much. Simple typos, formatting mistakes, and grammatical errors can dramatically affect the credibility of your resumé. Have your peers, coworkers, and applicable career-service workers read it over; a second or third pair of eyes can always be beneficial.

Get eyes on it. No matter how immaculate your resumé looks, how eloquently written it may be, or how many awards you’ve won, none of it will matter if it isn’t read. This is where your networking skills need to kick in. Get out in the real world, search for events of your particular interest, and make all the time and energy you put into this worthwhile.

Creating your resumé is a substantial building block to professional growth. It’s who you are in a nutshell, or in this case, a piece of paper, so make it good. You want to be remembered (for good things), it has to be well-written, and it has to be put in front of people. A great way to get it out there is to attend the Student Ad Summit’s ‘Opening Act’ tonight, Tuesday, February 29th! So blow the dust off those keyboards and get to work!

Jason Buck - Blog

Written By: Jason Buck

The Art Institutes International of Minnesota – Advertising

Brand Ambassador

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