The winner of our Facebook Contest is..

We recently had a Facebook Contest for our Student Ad Summit followers to post what they thought was the Best Ad Campaign of 2012 – and why. We brought in a variety of different commercials, some popular, and some we’ve never seen. The judging came down to the composition and commercial as a whole. We also looked at the reasoning for their campaign and if it was supporting, creative, and sensible.

After going through our guidelines and judging with the committee, we decided the lucky winner of FREE ADMISSION to the Student Advertising Summit on February 22 is Rachel Quast! Congratulations Rachel and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event this year!

The commercial is known as Flash Fans: 2012 Budweiser Official Big Game. Taking ‘flash mobs’ into a whole new perspective, this advertisement, represents a basic form of guerilla marketing in a unique, different, and effective way by having ‘flash fans.’

Rachel Quast’s reasoning to why this commercial is the Best Ad Campaign of 2012; “A campaign that gave local hockey players the game of a lifetime and inspires the rest of us to go for the goal.”

Keep a look out for our next contest coming soon! Who doesn’t want to attend the Student Advertising Summit for free??

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