The “new” Myspace?

If you haven’t seen the promotional video yet, check out “The new myspace.”

Are you going to become a member to the new Justin Timberlake influenced Myspace? It makes sense why Justin, partial owner of Myspace, is in the launch video. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan, and he adds a great influential push, so I would say yes I’ll join. If you have no opinion to this celebrity or don’t even know who ‘JT’ is then what are you planning on doing, joining or staying away?

The promotional video for the new website doesn’t go into too much detail but takes you for a journey over the new activities and setup they have to offer. It’s a great advertisement for the American indie-pop band as well, JJAMZ, who had the opportunity to have their song, “Heartbeat,” play in the video with the story line. I think we can all see the obvious mix of Pinterest, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and all that jazz. But do you think it’s a bad thing? It could go either way.

They’re taking the challenge of combining the highest traffic media sites and using key points from them to compete. It’s pretty tough to beat Facebook who today, hits ONE BILLION! It is risky, but Myspace needs to be after trying to redesign the site before and no success. It’s also a challenge to back away from what people still feel about the Myspace brand. Will anyone forget the old Myspace and move into the new? They think so, even having the URL say “”

As for when it will actually be launched, is undetermined. Let’s see how long it will take for their promotional video to lag on and tap our toes to reveal the “new” Myspace.

Will you join? Tag us on Twitter and let us know how you feel. @studentadsummit

-Written By: Trina Severson

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