Meet our Brand Ambassadors

Last week we introduced you to our Social Media team and this week you get to meet our Brand Ambassadors! These are the students that promote SAS on their home University campuses recruiting attendees to come to the annual event. This is just the beginning of our BA team. We are always recruiting more students to be apart of promoting this great event. Even if there is someone that is a BA already at your school, we can always use more. Send us your resume at We hope to see an email from you soon!

Ray Baltera

Hi, Im Ray (aka, BA Ray).  I graduated from the University of St Thomas in May with a degree in Marketing Management.  In July, I began working as a Marketing Intern doing event planning and social media work for Relationship One, a lead generation and marketing automation consulting firm.

I happened to be following a random SAS committee member on Twitter (@AlauraKrueger) and she mentioned the opportunity to intern with the Student Advertising Summit.  I had no idea what the SAS was, but I responded to the tweet anyway and ended up with the position of UST Brand Ambassador.  I had so much fun last year that I wanted to come back and lead a brilliant group of interns through the trials, fortunes and tribulations of the BA internship.  While I would be surprised if this year’s team can replicate our synchronized dancing performance as seen in the SAS Flash Mob. I would not be surprised to see something even cooler. 

You should know that I am a die-hard Minnesota sports fan, so if you show up to the SAS in Packers, Lakers, White Sox or Red Wings gear, I’ll probably heckle you from across the room…j/k I won’t, I’m too Minnesota-nice for that.

Melissa Kenney

Hi, I’m the Brand Ambassador for St. Cloud Technical and Community College. I am a senior at SCTCC, majoring in Advertising Communication & Design and Web Design. I heard about SAS last year from my friend Kelsey Johnson. I really enjoyed SAS last year. It is easily the best experience I’ve had in my advertising career thus far. I learned a lot about the industry.

I am part of three clubs at school: DECA, NSAC, and The Northway Group. The Northway Group is a non-profit ad agency at SCTCC. We do advertising for non-profits and businesses just starting up. My role in The Northway Group is Project Manager; my previous role was Lead Creative. I really enjoy being involved in all the business and advertising clubs my school as to offer. They all have helped me grow professionally.

In my free time I love to paint, design, make crafts and dabble in photography. My favorite color is purple. If I could be any cartoon character I would be Minnie Mouse. I am excited to be apart of the team and its going to be a great event.

Ashley Gilles

Born and raised in Minnesota, I currently am a junior at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications studying Advertising.  I aspire to work in account management at an agency that has as much energy as I do.

Currently I am a Brand Ambassador at Periscope and a Marketing Consultant at The Minnesota Daily.  Also, I am the Treasurer of the University of Minnesota’s Ad Club, which is where I found out about SAS.  I love being inspired at ad agency tours, promoting events, and planning.

I have other passions such as yoga, fashion photography, and writing.

Elizabeth Nelson

Hello friends!!  I am an aspiring event planner attending University of Wisconsin-River Falls majoring in Marketing Communications, a junior this year. As a marketing intern at UWRF I was able to plan a large campus event.

I attended SAS as a sophomore and I am excited to be a Brand Ambassador this year.  The Ad Summit really fueled my fire to become a successful event planner since it was extremely well organized.

Although I am allergic to almost everything in nature, I still enjoy canoeing in the Boundary Waters.  This fall I am also participating in the North shore Inline Marathon.

Laura Schmidt

I am a Junior at the University of Minnesota majoring in advertising and art with emphasis in photography. I am also one of two Social Chairs with the UMN Ad Club this year.

I found out about SAS last year through our advertising club. I attended the event last year and loved the opportunities it gave to students and how excited people were to participate in the event. As soon as I found out there were opportunities to become involved with the event I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Outside of my passion for photography and advertising is also a passion for dogs! Nothing makes me happier than a few minutes of snuggle time with my 16 year old Vizsla, Gunny.

Katie Bromback

Howdy! I am a senior at the University of St. Thomas planning on graduating in May 2013 with a degree in Marketing and Business Communications.  This past summer, I had an internship position at a marketing agency called Imagewerks Marketing.  Now I am working part time as a Marketing Coordinator at IWM, the VP of the St. Thomas chapter of the American Marketing Association, and a Brand Ambassador for SAS!

Last year, was my first year attending the SAS event and I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to get involved! Something you should know about me is that I’ve been swimming since I was six years old and can’t go more than a day without swimming!

Samantha Steinbring

¡Hola! I have just begun my senior year at the University of Minnesota, where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with a minor in Spanish.  I currently serve as a marketing assistant for a program of the Institute on the Environment at the U of M, and look forward to job searching in the coming year.

Last year, I attended SAS for the first time, and (not surprisingly) loved every minute of it! I found it to be such a valuable learning and networking experience, and when I learned about the opportunity to be a part of planning the event, I seized it. This year, I am a Brand Ambassador for SAS at the U of M and I am excited to spread the word to fellow advertising students about this exciting event!

As a kid, my dad used to take me bowling every other weekend. Because of this, I have developed a pretty killer game (if I do say so myself) and compete regularly in intramural bowling leagues!

-Written By: Trina Severson

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