My Time with SAS

It was so, so terrible…that I didn’t participate with the Student Advertising Summit committee sooner! My time with the SAS has been a variable bevy of experiences. I’ve met some great people, contributed in multiple areas and felt like part of a fantastic team. This was my third time attending the SAS.


I began my time with the SAS as a Brand Ambassador for Winona State University. Each week, I hopped on a Google + hangout with other BA’s and the BA Lead. We talked about how the event was progressing, what we can do to get the word out and also contribute any innovative and creative ideas we had. Last December I graduated and moved back to the Twin Cities. After that, I began attending the committee meetings and seeing how everything worked on the inside.


While attending the committee meetings I was given an inside look at how things were organized, how tasks were given out and how the committee interacted and contributed to the SAS. I was kind of a floater since I was a BA without a school and that worked out great. I was able to assist where needed, participated in the AdFed MN flash mob, conducted a Facebook contest and promoted the SAS with social media.


My time with the SAS was great because I gained further experience in teamwork, time management and networking. I recommend volunteering with the SAS or other Ad2 events if you can. The experiences are not something that can be taught at school.

 Written by: Troy Zirbes

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