I Can’t Believe it’s Over!

I can’t believe that the Student Advertising Summit is over! After 8 months of planning, my days don’t quite feel complete without hearing from the SAS committee.  This year was my first time both attending the event and working as the Account Management and Event Planning Intern for the SAS, and although I had heard a lot about the event, I still wasn’t sure on exactly what to expect. I have to say, my expectations were completely blown away! It was a great experience to see everything come together and it’s hard to believe that in just one day you can learn so much.

It was an early morning arriving to McNamara at 6:30 to set-up, but the day went by fast with never a dull moment, full of break-out sessions, speakers, and networking. It was great to not only be able to network with leading professionals in the industry, but also with like-minded students from different schools all over the Midwest.

To the SAS committee: all of those late night meetings and early morning e-mails, paid off, thank you for all your hard work!  For those of you attended, I hope to keep in touch with you.  And for all of you who couldn’t make it this year, make sure to attend next year… you won’t regret it!
-Steph Dentinger

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