The Benefits of going SASsy

I’ve attended the Student Advertising Summit for the last two years in a row. This event has never ceased to meet my expectations, or in the case of last year, even exceed them. The breakout sessions give students a great framework for a successful day of networking with professionals. By showcasing things like what agencies are up to, best practices, agency roles and portfolio development, it gives students the information they need in order to be successful at the networking roundtables—especially if they did not come with questions prepared.

The keynote speaker provided a great added layer of complexity to the advertising industry. Obviously as professionals, we strive to create messaging that sings louder than everything else. This particular presentation was a wonderful examination of storytelling and how to be a more impactful storyteller. It was a great presentation for anyone trying to break into the industry, especially if they don’t have resources like the National Student Advertising Competition.

I also appreciated the portfolio review a lot. I was scared to death and ready to have my work torn apart, but the professionals were highly supportive and offered good commentary on my strengths and most needed improvements.

I would highly recommend that any student interested in advertising attend this event. In my opinion, it is crucial and one of the few ways to actually gain access to professionals in a metropolitan area.


Guest Blogger- Patrick Puckett

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