Student Advertising Summit

As a graduating senior I thought I was behind in my networking and preparation for my future career, and The Student Advertising Summit allowed me to expand my network and develop my communication skills. The opportunity to connect with professionals was the most important part of the Summit. I was able to introduce myself to people who had the industry knowledge  to critique my resume and cover letter in a way that could put me ahead of my peers when being chosen for a job. I was also given the chance to introduce myself to professionals who work at agencies where I have applied. This gives me the advantage of having a recognizable face when my resume is being reviewed.
The breakout sessions were also very enjoyable. I was able to attend a variety of sessions that allowed me to explore my varying interests within advertising. Between learning about different types of planning, exploring how analyzing data is important to strategy and seeing the day to day life of account and project managers, The Student Advertising Summit gave me direction in where I want my career to lead. The Student Advertising Summit is an important networking opportunity that gives students the ability to connect with professionals in strategic communication. It is an experience that I think every advertising and strategic communication student should be a part of.
-Guest Blogger, Allie Varhula 

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