Networking Roundtable Preparation

Networking Roundtable Etiquette

The Student Ad Summit’s Networking Roundtables is a session in the day you do not want to miss. It is your chance as a student to have direct contact with an industry professional and is your best opportunity to network at the event, so be sure to use your time wisely.

Here is the lowdown on the Roundtables: you will be sitting at a table of 4-5 students and 1 industry professional of your choosing. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, chat about your passions, and ask for a business card. Everyone at the event came to help YOU. If you have cards of your own to hand out, this is a good time to have them ready and kudos to you for having them. Remember, we can help you make the initial connection, but it is your job to reach out after the event. That is how you truly set yourself apart.

During your time at the roundtables, there will be an open discussion and you will want to be prepared with some questions. We have come up with some for you, but feel free to bring your own personal inquiries as well.

  1. How did you decide between the agency, corporate, or communications-related career path?
  2. What is the single most exciting experience you have had from a job in this industry?
  3. What were the first steps you took after college to break in to the industry?
  4. We’re told time and time again about the importance of networking.  What are some ways you network and make connections?
  5. How do I know if I’m a creative, account, PR, etc. person?  What are some qualities that make you one or the other?
  6. Can you suggest some of your favorite books about advertising and/or public relations?
  7. What are ways you have branded yourself and what are things I can do to start self-promoting?
  8. What are some of the greatest pressures and anxieties you experience in the work?
  9. What is the hardest interview question you have ever been asked?
  10. What kind of skills are employers looking for in a job applicant?  (i.e. Should I be learning Photoshop even if I’m not doing creative?)
See you there!
Laura Fitzpatrick
Public Relations/Analytics Intern

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