Where Do I Start?

When I began my job search after graduating last may, I quickly found out that there was no manual to help me get started. Below are a few things that have really helped me in my search and are still useful to me today.

  1. Tap into your network. Hopefully you have networked by now and have gotten to know people in the industry – talk to them! Don’t be overbearing, but call or email to let them know that you are looking, and if they hear of anything to please keep you in mind. Most people are more than willing to help, so don’t be shy.


  1. Constantly revise your resume, even if you think it looks great. Have a different set of eyes look it over, too. Whether it is a mentor, a professor or a friend, they will catch something that you have not, and will offer a different perspective.


  1. Keep your LinkedIn page updated. Make sure that your page matches your resume, employers will look. There are numerous ways you can upload a PDF of your resume so that it  is easily accessible to employers. Keep in mind to look at who is viewing your profile and keep them on your radar – you are obviously on theirs.


  1. Stay organized. Remember to whom you are applying, where, and when. Keeping a calendar and writing down the place and the position you applied for seemed to work best for me. It allowed me to follow-up in a timely matter and when I would get a call back, I could reference it and easily review the job listing.


  1. Be yourself in interviews (the professional you). I know this is hard to do because you are being put on the spot, but my experience has shown me that most employers are not looking to intimidate interviewees. They want you to feel comfortable to talk about yourself and what you feel makes you a good candidate for the position.


  1. You may not get your dream job right away. You may be offered a job that has little to do with what you really want to be doing, but it could give you a great starting point. You will be gaining workplace experience as well as building your own skill set. You can keep looking for that dream job, but will be getting paid in the process.


  1. Attitude. Always try and stay positive. The right position will come along at the right time.


  1. Don’t get discouraged. You probably will not find a job right away, but that does not mean you never will. Pursue your job search as you would a job, you are investing time into yourself, so set a side time each day to apply and follow up with employers.


  1. Ask for feedback. Even if you don’t get a job that you interviewed for, they may have some great constructive criticism. Ask them what they think you could have done differently or what some of the areas are that they think you need to work on or learn more about.


  1. Stay involved even after you find a job. Being a part of the advertising community not only gives you the opportunity to network, but you also gain some new friends that could become a great support network if you become discouraged. Not to mention you might meet you future employer.

Good luck!



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