Facebook Contest! Win Big!!

There’s a double agent in our operation. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to follow the clues to locate this agent.  Intel shows our phones have been tapped and it’s only safe to communication via Facebook. “Share” the clue given on Facebook. For every 10 “shares,” the next clue to where the double agent is hiding will be revealed. To tell us where the double agent is, post your answer that shows where the agent may be. Your clue should be connected to a picture shown. It is the landmark where the double agent is believed to be. Remember, this is a clandestine operation and only Facebook communication is allowed. This mission begins immediately. Our agency must not be compromised. Good luck.

This message will self-destruct in…. 3…2….1….


Resume or LinkedIn Makeover- a industry professional will edit your resume or LinkedIn and suggest improvements

Book of Knowledge– Submit 10 questions you’d like to  ask a  industry professional one on one. We will collect the answers and format it into a booklet just for you!

Extra Dink Ticket– During the SAS Happy Hour you will receive one extra drink ticket. The ticket can be used for an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. IDs will be checked by bouncers at the door.


– The contest will begin on Monday February 6, 2012 at noon and run through Friday February 10, 2012

-Anyone can participate, but the prizes will involve being in the Twin Cities for the 2012 SAS

-You must follow the Student Advertising Summit on Facebook to post your answer.

Follow SAS: http://www.facebook.com/ad2sas

-For the next clue to be released, the current clue picture must be shared 10 times from the SAS Facebook page

-Your answer must be your best guess of what the picture actually is (you can only guess once!)

-The winner of each picture will be eligible for one of many prizes. Once a picture has been correctly guessed by posting a link, a new round of clues will begin.

-Participants cannot win more than once

– Winners will be notified by SAS committee after the contest ends on Friday February 10, 2012

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