My Personal Networking Advice

You’ve heard everybody say it, “In order to get into advertising, you need to know people.” It’s true. You need to join organizations like AdFed and network you’re a** off. However, in today’s competitive market, the skills of networking are not enough to get your dream job right out of college. You need to be intelligent, interesting, on top of current trends and insanely creative. As a design intern for SAS, I try to find new ways to be creative everyday.  I’d like to share some of my favorite pieces of advice regarding increasing one’s creativity and keeping it.
Take a Photograph Everyday.

It doesn’t really matter what the subject is. By looking through a lens (or a phone), you are looking at the world differently. You will begin to notice the beauty of life around you – which will inspire you to be inventive. Once you start taking photographs, you will begin to accumulate an inspirational portfolio that you can look through whenever you need a little creative push. Also, don’t forget to post your pictures on Facebook or Flickr (remember that whole networking thing).

Visit a Coffee Shop and Listen to Conversations

In order for this to not be creepy, you can’t stare at people or make awkward eye contact. Just sit, relax and take in everything. Listen to what others are talking about in the moment. It might be news, politics, sports, or gossip. Listen to their emotions and concerns. Try to take notes, but don’t get caught! This will help make you a better listener as well as find some insight into current trends.

Visit Museums and Go to Concerts

When I was a student, I remember having very little money for entertainment. However, this is another channel for problem solving. You must be creative with your money. The Hennepin County Libraries offer free passes to a number of museums around Minneapolis. Go get a pass and visit the Walker Art Center or the Minnesota History Museum. You will learn things you never even knew existed as well as save some much needed cash. I also suggest hitting up some local music venues for a show. You never know who you will meet at The Fine Line, First Ave or even The Turf Club.

Surround Yourself with Creative and Interesting People

This is Minneapolis, there are creative and interesting people EVERYWHERE! By surrounding yourself with these individuals, you will be required to stay creatively active. I have been fortunate to be part of SAS, where almost everyone is interesting (just kidding – everyone is insanely interesting). By surrounding myself with these individuals, I get to hear their insightful opinions and ideas every time we meet.

Everyone will find their own ways of being creative. I hope this helps you stay creatively innovative and find your dream job.

Here is one of my favorite resources to Things Every Creative Should Know.

Stay Creative my friends!

Written by: Dan Erickson
Contact him at

One thought on “My Personal Networking Advice

  1. This was a great blog entry! I take a lot of camera phone pictures but never thought about putting them into a portfolio for future use. Im gonna start doing that today.

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