How do you pick?

In advertising, there are many different career paths you can focus on, but how do you choose?
For me, I went into my first day of college thinking I was going to be a graphic designer. To tell the truth, I didn’t realize how many other sides there are to advertising until I started getting more involved in classes and attending professional luncheons to learn more about this industry.  While I still love designing and the end of my collegiate career is coming into sight, I’ve decided to change paths to focusing on account management. I was able to do so by being involved in The Northway Group, which is a student run non profit advertising agency.  I was put into the roll of an account executive and was able to successfully work with several clients at once; it was overwhelming at first but I found it very rewarding and enjoyable. The part of the account executive role that I really like is the interaction with the client, being involved in all aspects of the process and assigning deadlines to making sure designers stayed on task. This is where I learned which position worked best for my personality, strengths and skills. I have also become a member of Ad2 and am currently a Brand Ambassador for the Student Advertising Summit, both of which have only supported my choice to focus on account management. I have learned that there is no better way to know what part of advertising you want to be in other than jumping in and experiencing it for yourself.

So my advice is this: get involved with groups, join clubs, talk to professionals, and come to the Student Advertising Summit (hint hint) and see just which part of the vast advertising, marketing and PR industry sparks your interest.

Written by: Kelsey Johnson
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