Project Management Intern

Topic: What your SAS position is and what you do in your position?
My name is Lindsey Moss and I currently hold the position as a project management intern for the SAS. Being part of the PM team has been extremely beneficial for not only giving me first hand experience in one of the fields of the advertising industry, but as a student I have also been able to take many of the PM techniques used in meetings and apply them to my daily academic life.  I am currently a senior at the University of Minnesota and between school, SAS and various other extracurricular activities, my life could be described as hectic. The SAS has taught me how to be a project manager for my own life. A project manager/project management team is essential to any group’s success. As a member of the PM team you’re responsible for keeping all internal communication with the group fluid and you’re checking in with each individual committee to make sure everyone is staying on task and adhering to the timeline. As a PM intern you get the perspective of watching all the teams complete their separate and assigned tasks and watch everything come together. It has been amazing to already see what our team has accomplished through creative and social media executions. My individual responsibilities include putting the competition book together;  I will be compiling all final materials used for the 2012 SAS such as posters, business cards, etc. This book will be viewed on the national level in June. To be an effective project manager, time management and organization is key. These are basic life skills that can be applied to anyone and everyone: students, young professionals and seasoned professionals. Learning how to be effective with your time and especially when working with a group of people is vital in being successful. If I had to give 5 tips from what I have learned through my SAS internship (thus far) to any of my peers regarding time management & organization, these would be it:
1)   Write EVERYTHING down- Taking notes is key!
2)   Don’t be afraid to ask questions
3)   Communicate – email, in person, phone
4)   Stay on top of your tasks! Don’t procrastinate!
5)   Be friendly/be approachable
Written by: Lindsey Moss
Contact her:

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