Periscope: The Avengers

Thank you, Periscope, for being our one and only 2016 Platinum sponsor!periscope.jpgTheir superpower? With all of their services, they’re more like The Avengers – a band of super smart superheroes, each with their own superpowers. They rock media, hit social out of the park, are known for their experiential work, have a great in-house production team, and so much more. Their people are their power. How cool is that?

To expand, they are a full-spectrum impact agency that’s in it from end-to-end. Their vertical integration allows them a depth of capabilities, starting from their roots in production in the Periscope Studio. They’re not in the business of dabbling. They are the 5th largest privately held, independent agency in the country. This allows them to invest in their people, clients, and innovative future-thinking. The best part? They’ve only been around for 20 years.

They’re never late to the game, and are always ahead of the curve when building out their teams. They keep their edge by investing ahead of the marketplace.

They’re the folks behind TCF’s new rebrand, Trolli’s “Weirdly Awesome” campaign, and Target’s Back to College events. They’ve also worked with Cox, MN Twins, Great Clips, Brach’s, Arctic Cat, Dreamworks, UV Vodka, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Their motto is “Do Things People Love” and that’s something we can all get behind.


Thanks, again, to Periscope, for all of your support for this year’s Student Advertising Summit. We’re so grateful for you!

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Thank You Knock!

On behalf of the Student Advertising Summit planning committee, its constituents and all attendees; we graciously thank Knock Inc. for their involvement and generosity as a Gold sponsor!


“Think with invention. Make with intention. KNOCK is a creative agency inspired by what’s next: Our design ignites the fusion of art, intellect and culture. We create elevated experiences that connect people to brands they love.”

Knock’s Website


Some recent clients include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Playwrights’ Center, Levi’s, Mystic Lake Casino, Caribou Coffee – just to name a few!

“We invest our brand expertise in causes that matter—from education and the arts to sustainable environments and safe neighborhoods. All to give meaning and perspective.”



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CLICK Talent: The secret superpower behind the talent in CLICK

It is hard to narrow down just one super power when it comes to CLICK Talent. They are unique in that they are not an advertising agency, but they sure know about all of the agencies and companies in town AND how to create the perfect fit whether it is for a specific person or company. CLICK Talent is a recruiting agency.

We know the best digital and integrated advertising talent in the industry. We humanize the process of recruitment, nurturing relationships with specialized experts in digital strategy, account, project management, and creative.

So, when our team thought about what that exactly means in terms of a super power, after sitting down with CLICK and chatting about their talents, we thought about what they really do, as a whole.

They place people into the right fit for jobs. They are ultimately in control of a lot of success a person, company or agency has in the long run. CLICK has the power of telekinesis.

Using their minds, Kat Duncan and Mary Lou Wichlacz place people/things/jobs where they see fit. Just as in telekinesis, where minds can move objects, CLICK moves their clients into the right area, down the best path, and in the position that makes sense for that individual by using their special powers that make them some of the best recruiters in town.


CLICK has always been a huge contributor to the Student Advertising Summit. We always look forward to hearing the advice they bring to the table. Make sure to check out CLICK at the event. Whether it is the telekinesis in them calling you over or you are just brilliant enough to realize how important it might be to network with them, you won’t want to miss seeing CLICK at #TheSuperSummit.

Thank you, CLICK, for being a Gold Sponsor at the event. We appreciate it and can’t wait to see you Friday!

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StoneArch: The Power of Healing

The power of healing and being able to communicate it in the most well done way, StoneArch has become the agency for just that. The health mantra that has been continuously implemented in their campaigns and workplace is a superpower, most definitely. From 3M Health Care to St. Jude Medical and more, the work StoneArch has done is impeccable beyond belief, to help those in need of the message these health care and medical institutions bring.

We improve lives. Not as the brains behind the breakthrough hearing technology, the minimally invasive pelvic organ prolapse procedure or the LDL-lowering therapeutic foods, but as the superpower who understands not just what makes these amazing solutions so compelling, but also how to communicate their benefits to those who need them most. Working together, we influence the hearts, minds and actions of our client’s most important audiences (clinicians, patients, caregivers, consumers, investors, insurers) to make a positive impact on health.

We want to thank StoneArch for being a Gold Sponsor this year. Thank you for helping make this event great. Without you, we really would not have been able to plan SAS 2016, The Super Summit. StoneArch has provided us with space to meet as a committee since September. We were so very lucky to have that opportunity, as we take weeks to plan this event. Your kindness in donating your space has been greatly appreciated. Also, we can’t wait to see you at #TheSuperSummit!


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Take Your Talents Overseas

Take what you learn at the Student Ad Summit and head overseas

The Student Advertising Summit is all about engaging with professionals, networking and discovering your advertising superpowers. This year you will embark on A Heroic Pursuit to get involved, meet new people and build relationships. What if you could take your knowledge from the Student Ad Summit and head to Edinburgh, Scotland to gain university credit for an international advertising course?

I am an Associate Lecturer at UW River Falls and will be teaching an advertising course in Scotland at Dalkeith Palace for three weeks this summer. The course will focus on international advertising and will provide the opportunity to develop a real advertising campaign for a client and tour local ad agencies. This opportunity is open to all students so it doesn’t matter what university you call home but it will be up to your school whether they will accept the course as credit. I am more than willing to send course outlines, assignments, etc. so that you may discuss with advisors, program chairs, etc.

The location of the course is incredible. Dalkeith Palace is a real castle that you will live and learn in just five miles from Edinburgh. The course is approximately $2150 US, which includes tuition, shared room, meals (continental breakfast every day and lunch four days per week) while school is in session, bus pass, CISI insurance and official field trips. Flight costs are not included. This really is reasonable for all that you will experience. The class is only two hours per day and with no classes on Friday. This gives you plenty of time to explore the castle grounds, neighboring Edinburgh as well as take weekend trips to other countries in Europe.

More information can be found at the following links and I am available to answer any questions you may have by emailing me at I will also be at The Super Summit on February 26th and hope to speak to interested students. The deadline to register (easy process) is March 15th but this is flexible.

Amelia Reigstad
Associate Lecturer, UWRF

Bolin Marketing: The Super Listeners

Bolin Marketing, a full-service agency that focuses on transforming brands. They are constantly searching for new ways to connect brands to the audience and humanize the experience. Bolin is the founding member of Tribe Global, which is a network of 22 independent, entrepreneurial agencies. Bolin works with clients such as 3M, AmeriPride, Renewal by Anderson, Carmex and General Mills just to name a few.


While chatting with Bolin Marketing, we uncovered that their super power is unlike any other agency in town, they have super hearing. This enhanced sense allows them to understand the business needs of their clients, but also help create a strong brand voice for them to connect with consumers. They want to really partner with the client, and not just preach them their needs.


We can see the power of listening displayed in many of their recent campaigns such as the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat and Carmex Moisture Plus. They listened to the needs of the brands and created impactful work.


Thank you, Bolin Marketing for being a Gold sponsor at #TheSuperSummit this year. We cannot wait to use our listening powers, and hear you speak at the breakout sessions!


Check out Bolin Marketing on social media and learn more about them:

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Carmichael Lynch: The Unfair Advantage

Carmichael Lynch, one of #TheSuperSummit’s Gold Sponsors, has the ability to come up with unfair ideas and this gives their clients an unfair advantage in the marketplace. They do more with less. They describe their agency as zigging while everyone else is zagging. Carmichael Lynch has created unfair ideas for Subaru, U.S. Bank, Jack Link’s, GNC and many more.


While we chatted with Carmichael Lynch, they revealed their super power is similar to Ant Man’s. Ant Man has the ability to shrink in size, but this gives him an unfair advantage compared to all of his competition. His size allows him to see things from a different vantage point, which gives him an edge that’s unlike any other. Ant Man is strong alone, but works better with in a team.


An example where Carmichael Lynch has used this different vantage point was when they took over the snack industry with Jack Link’s and the Sasquatch campaign. They took Seth Meyer’s web series and became the first sponsor for it. Their unfair ideas have paid off. They were voted one of Ad Age’s 2015 Best Places to Work.

Thank you, Carmichael Lynch for your generosity as a Gold sponsor this year at #TheSuperSummit! We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Check out Carmichael Lynch on social media and learn more about them:

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